Autobuses urbanos

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Services available for people with:

Movilidad reducida

Reduced mobility

Discapacidad visual

Visual disability

Discapacidad auditiva

Hearing impairment

Discapacidad cognitiva

Cognitive impairment

Otras necesidades de accesibilidad

Other accessibility needs


Unauto is the company in charge of managing the urban buses of the city of Toledo, they have a total of 15 lines, a circular service through the old town and several night service lines, which allows reaching any point in the city of quick way.
The buses have elevator access ramps and safety anchors inside for wheelchairs.
The stops have an information system for the blind and the interior of the buses has a rough band that facilitates movement. They also use a voice system inside to announce the stops, which works in real time using GPS.
The lines are differentiated by colors to facilitate their identification.
Unauto offices, restaurants and facilities are also accessible to people with reduced mobility.