Services available for people with:

Movilidad reducida

Reduced mobility

Discapacidad visual

Visual disability

Discapacidad auditiva

Hearing impairment

Discapacidad cognitiva

Cognitive impairment

Otras necesidades de accesibilidad

Other accessibility needs


The Port of Seville is an inland seaport located on the Guadalquivir estuary. It is a regular stopover for tourist cruises in transit and a base port for river cruises from the Croisieurope company.

Puerto Delicias has become a leisure complex, integrated into the Parque de Mª Luisa and surrounded by architectural heritage with the Torre del Oro and the pavilions of the 1929 Exposition as protagonists.

The terminal has a promenade area, restaurants, an aquarium and an information center on the port of Seville with permanent exhibition rooms on the port and maritime signals. It also offers boat service, passenger support facilities and transport and vehicle services in Seville, Coria del Río and Sanlucar de Barrameda. Tours of the complex are accessible to wheelchair users.