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Services available for people with:

Movilidad reducida

Reduced mobility

Discapacidad visual

Visual disability

Discapacidad auditiva

Hearing impairment

Discapacidad cognitiva

Cognitive impairment

Otras necesidades de accesibilidad

Other accessibility needs


Albacete airport is located at the Albacete-Los Llanos Aerodrome, next to the facilities and runways for military use at the Los Llanos Air Base, to the south of the city. It is located approximately 4 kilometers from the center.

It started operating in 2005 but it should be noted that, since January 2014, no airline has operated regular flights to or from Albacete airport. They only operate seasonal charter flights to vacation destinations.

The interior routes are accessible to wheelchair users. Like all Spanish airports managed by AENA, it has a free assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility. You can request it by phone or through the AENA mobile application form. It has two meeting points, on the arrivals/departures curb and in the interior hall of the Terminal Building.

For people with hearing and/or speech disabilities, AENA has an information and chat service line that operates every day from 07:00 to 24:00.